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Welcome to James Cooke Enterprises, Vero Beach, Florida.

History speaks to us about Leadership. The lessons and stories of the past have never been more relevant than they are today. Globalisation, Geo Politics and the challenge of a world expanding and changing rapidly at every level makes a new collaboration of knowledge and understanding ever more urgent with every passing day and new threat.

So welcome to a collaboration with James and Andrew to help you and your organisations fly.

James pioneered leadership consulting throughout the UK and Europe. Today James Cooke Enterprises LLC brings History, Psychology and Management Experience to help build Leadership on Boards, in Teams, and with individual Leaders. –

JCE are affiliated to A-Speakers International Speakers Bureau a global speakers bureau headquartered in Europe and with offices in New York and North America.

This site will introduce you to James’s work through short films, through excerpts from his talks, through his writings and through his book “Understanding Leaders”.  Please explore the site, enjoy it, use it, and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Making it work’ your guide to running a successful business

Making it Work – Part 9 – Planning Success

I am holding a Spring workshop on Strategic Planning in San Francisco and have just completed the presentation. We will put it on the web in March. In the meanwhile here are some of the thoughts that emerged: The Plan is above all the leadership team’s recipe for...

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Making it work – Part 8 – Market research

Someone once said he knew 50% of Market Research was a waste of money – his problem? He didn’t know which 50%! Well perhaps this will help. The first , second and third focus of successful leaders is people. People who are your clients and customers, who could be...

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Making it work – Part 7 – Guard your cash

Think “Gutter Up”. Look to “Cheat”. “Guard Your Cash” – three thoughts for today. “Gutter up” – every time you agree to something ask yourself “would I spend my own money on this?” if not – why not? If yes, how solid are your reasons and could you do it more cheaply?...

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Making it work – Part 6 – Love and fear

I mentioned Murphy’s Laws the other day and some of you have written to ask for more detail. Well, I found them some years back in Washington DC – stuck on the bathroom mirror in an office suite. Here they are: Murphy’s Laws. If anything can go wrong, it will. Nothing...

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Making it Work – Part 5 – Delegating

At the core of any successful team is a leader able to delegate clearly and in a way that wins hearts and minds, attracts enthusiastic support. Here’s how to do it: Decide what you want accomplished, to what end, by whom, by when. Know in detail what success will look...

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Making it work- Part 4 – Keeping it simple

You have the dream, the plan and you are facing the brutal facts, but gradually you come to see there is so much to do, so many details to watch. As Murphy’s law warned everything ultimately goes pear shaped. How to hold it all together! Time to set down your own...

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Making it work – Part 3 – Brutal Facts

It is one thing to have a dream, even to have formed a plan – it is quite another to execute it. Most of us think we could have been a contender – if only…but then something got in the way, made us pause, slowed us down, we never got there …if only. So, here’s the...

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Making it work – Part 2 – Having a Dream

Your life, your career, your own fulfilment – they are all part and parcel of each other. But first, to be fully fired up, you need a dream that will inspire you and attract others. What will success look like for you in three* years time? Be realistic: if you are...

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Making it Work – Part 1 – The Sweet Spot

To get started – first things first. These notes are going to be about your career, your job, your company – what you do most of your time. Set aside sleeping and home and these are by far the most important things in your life. Some law firms today want 2000 billable...

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Latest news

Summer 2017. Vero Beach Museum of the Arts (VBMA)

James has been appointed as the Strategic Advisor to the Director of the Vero Beach Museum of Arts. A new Strategy is in  hand, a new programme of exhibitions has been developed and detailed liaison with local interest groups is under way. The VBMA, already a...

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Winter 2017/8. Speaker in Residence Series at John’s Island

James will be giving talks at John’s Island Country Club this season at their Gold Series on “Europe 1900-1930: Destruction”. This is the second part of his four part series “The Collapse of Europe”. He will also be talking about “Conan Doyle – creator of Sherlock...

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Recent talks

China, the United States, and World War III

Was Churchill the greatest Englishman?

The British Navy the back bone of its Empire.


James Cooke
Andrew Sowers
James Cooke Enterprises LLC was formed by James Cooke and Andrew Sowers to coordinate the growing  and unique leadership business.

Biz Tip of the Day

If someone does not have a problem you can solve, you do not have a prospect. Think about it. Hilton Johnson, CoachTrainer

Biz tip of the day

The more times you can get your prospects to say yes to minor questions ("Does that sound fair enough?", "Do you like what you've seen so far?"), the more likely they will say yes to your major closing questions ("Are you ready to get started?", "Are you ready to go...

Biz Tip of the Day

If someone does not have a problem you can solve, you do not have a prospect. Think about it. Hilton Johnson, CoachTrainer

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