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Policy Lite.

The American Administration has talked up two dangerous and luddite concepts. 
The first is that even so globalised an economy as the United States should behave nationalistically – America First. The second is that we can happiy regress from the complexities of international cooperation and feed instead on the easy victories of tariff wars.
Now, a few months later, we are starting to see the fragility of such Policy Lite. 
As economies weaken overseas so our major corporations are confronting the brutal truths of declining demand – watch technology and cars. As established political alliances are denied so long term international relationships are fragmenting.
China’s threatened slow down is a danger signal for us all – not a source of naive glee.
Europe’s threatened collapse means a threat to our largest trading partner – not an opportunity for twittered one liners.

The future of cutting edge technologies lies in mutually beneficial collaboration, not defensive hostility. The challenges of immigration or climate change are challenges for all not just for the war torn countries of the Middle East, or the at risk economies of Africa and South America. 
Our geopolitical and economic success is indelibly linked to that of each and every one of our markets – it lies in long term relation building and in making complex systems work not in Policy Lite quick fixes.

Have a good day, James.