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The new UK leader has a shot at greatness.

Boris Johnson continues to set the pace for leadership – perhaps for greatness.

Britain will host the UN Climate Change Summit in November 2020 and he plans to hold it in Glasgow rather than London. Johnson and his secretary of State for Scotland are determiined to favour the regions and demonstrate how this government treasures Scotland as part of the Union. Glasgow is one of the nation’s great cities with a storied history and a massive future built around its world class university and manufacturing. This Summit decision is part of a decisive reallignment. In the past few days the PM has given a moving rejection of racism, and ante semitism in particular. He has pushed hard to increase minimum pay for those in poverty and now he has thrust at the Scottish obsession with independence.

It has quickly become apparent how much may be achievable how fast from such an imaginative and strong leader who is an orator, who has a plan and who has the strongest possible mandate from the electorate. All at once it is not difficult to see the UK with its universities, its R&D, its City financial lead, its great regional centres and its established World, Commonwealth and European connections becoming the standout success of the next five years. Johnson, like Mrs Thatcher before him, has the advantage of a strong mandate in Parliament. He can think in terms of at least 10 years in power and so set his stall for greatness. What should the UK look like in 10 years time becomes a legitimate question. The Uk could be set for that rarest of opportunities – a period when long term thinking can prevail over short term populism.

Have a good day, JamesĀ