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“Iran never won a war” – todays presidential tweet.

It is extraordinary how untutored the White House appears to be.

Iran, also called Persia has a population slightly larger than that of the UK, and, like the UK, it has a proud and rich heritage – home to one of the most ancient and largest civilisations reaching its zenith under Cyrs the Great. Today as a result it has 22 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Never won a war? Well it did then as Cyrus expanded Persia’s ambit to include Babylon, Egypt, Arabia, Turkey, the Balkans and parts of Eastern Europe. At its peak it has been estimated that 44% of the world’s population lived in Cyrus’ Archaemenid Empire.

Never won a war!

One of the fundamental priciples of building strong and confident relations is to give peooples and nations proper respect. The White House should do its homework.

Have a good day, James.