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Britain in danger.
Parliament is “in gridlock”, government “in crisis” – the situatioin is, I believe, more dangerous than even the New York Times imagines. This is a whole muddle of politicians at odds with itself and a usually low key nation in danger of imploding.
Britain’s psyche is founded on soveriegn isolationism. It has to change fast.
Ever since 1805, Trafalgar and Nelson this island nation has ruled the oceans and prospered behind its unassailable coast line. The navy kept it safe from its neighbours and allowed it to build its Empire far away from the European mainland.
Have no doubt for 200 years Britain was essentially isolationist – the London Times headline really did once read:”Fog over Channel – Europe cut off.”
Chamberlain wrote in his diary:”How horrible it is that we shoud be digging trenches here becuase of a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing.”
Churchill talked of “Our” Empire but of “Their” Europe.
Mrs Thatcher once said with some irritation “Can we stop these constant references to European Unity – it will never come about.”
Britain’s heart was never in it. 
The nation had lived off its Empire and got away with it. then it could live off London, its financial centre, and get away with it once more.
But the times have changed. A full on link with Europe was starting to work and those who could build on this were revitalised – mostly they were the youngest, best educated, living in the South and eager to take advantage of the easy access to exciting different cultures and job opportunities.
However Britain is a country of haves and have nots. Much of the North and rural areas saw only a threat. Blithely ignoring the benefits they received from the E.U. they voted to leave and to have a jab at the affluent and resented citizenry in London. 
Today many of the mot deprived cities, staunchly socialist and isolationist, are beginning to look realitty in the eye. Resentment, fear, isolationism, and poverty are not the goals of tomorrow – globalism, new technologies, partnerships, collaborations and wealth creation are.
The change is challenging each politician to reframe their own values, to reparse their legitimacy, and to reform their own alliances. This is a massive challenge – and they are almost out of time.
Here’s the thing. I do not think they can do it and I fear for how the people will react to the subsequent chaos. do not invest in Britain.
Have a good day. James

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