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Europe’s Fissure – beware of Euphemisms.

I wrote the other day about Putin’s highly choreographed visit to Serbia.
Serbia is something of a touchestone for the present problems confronting the European Union. 
The E.U., originally a trade union, morphed, in the early 1980’s, into a political grouping. A geopolitical drive overcame economic reality – the Europeans called it “Enlargement” – a bureaucrat’s euphemism if ever there was one. Protagonists came to see “Enlargement” as valuable in its own right. This was a faustian shift and , as always, the Devil and Evil lay with Russia.
Today Serbia, at the heart of all this, is split. Does it take the handouts from Europe of forge links with Russia? 
Hundreds of thousands of its people have protested against the increasingly despotic Pressident Vucic, still lauded and sustained by the Russian funded Serbian media. But the Serbian economy is improving – growth rates are above 4% and half the population think the nation is moving in the right direction. They want to link with Putin.
Outspoken opposition leaders muddy the waters further – they want to ally with extremist Italy’s Salvini, and Hungary’s Orban and they also praise Putin, the leader of their gigantic neighbour Russia.
Serbia is split over which honey pot to choose. Europe is split over whether it really wants any more free loading and messy despots.
At the heart of the matter lies one massive fissure – how do the culturally and economically rich north western states of Europe accommodate the impoverished and despotic south eastern and Russian peoples?
Europe is in a crisis and euphemisms don’t help.
For an extensive review see “Europe in Crisis” video at under International Talks. 
Have a good day. James