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Globalism needs Collaboration.

Everywhere I look the debate with China is adversarial. “US, China FIGHT enters a new round”. “China THREATENS US”. China is ahead in the RACE to 5G”.
Our mental set needs to change.
The world has gone global. It’s key challenges – Poverty, Wellness, Climate Change, Education – are global ones. As are the core opportunities in areas such as Transport, Infrastructure, AI, 5G, and Medecine. And the solutions, if they are ever realised, will be the fruit of collaboration amongst thought leaders that will enable improvements in the lives of everyone else over the longer term
The challenge is to understand and harness the power of partnerships, of win/win and of mutual benefit.
This will not be easy.
Never before have two hyper powers coexisted and the US is led right now by an administration with no experience of thoughtful, constructive and coherent long term thinking. Indeed our political structures are predicated on short term and limited horizon wins rather than on broad and long term committments.
Our challenge remains to break free from adversarial thinking, we have to adapt our mental sets.
For an in depth review see “US, China and World War 111” at” and for a storied review of hyperpowers read “Day of Empire” by Amy Chua of Yale University.
Have a good day, James