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59 more days of squabbling.
More futile squabbling and more discredit to the storied British Parliamentary system. If WW1 burned confidence in the “officer class” then Brexit will be th finale burial ground for British leadership.
What should have happened? The Governmant should have set our powerfully researched and accurately supported arguments explaining the case for staying and the one for leaving the E.U. That was never done.
Now with 59 days left there is an even greater need for leadership, to call time out, stand back, wipe the egg of its face, and start over. A new referendum, a new set of arguments, a new clarity and completeness of thinking.
Absent such leadership, Britain looks like squabbling through to the worst of all options – doing nothing, a dithering inability to get off the fence.
The cost will be great. There will be immediate chaos, prices will rise, there will be food shortages. In the longer term expect the decline of the City, the financial and economic heart beat of the nation, and expect massive disruption to the agricultural heartland.
The UK is a SELL. Have a good day, James.