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Europe must stand firm.
Sometimes it is worth not just contemplating failure but confronting it full on. The pragmatic next step in the Brexit squabble is for th E.U. magnanimously to extend the UK time limit beyond March 29.
They should not do this.
The UK has had its three years. They have not come close to a sensible consensus on what is the most important decision for their future. Instead they have found more futile ways to squabble, scratch and scurry about than a flock of headless chickens. There has been no leadership since Cameron’s abject abrogation of his honoured role as Prime Minister. No one has emerged. Above all no one has stood tall with a combined understanding of the history and current challenges facing Europe or of the role that the UK could be playing in it.
Meanwhile Europe has its hands full with its own growing and threatening problems. It’s economies are weakening. Politics has become dangerously febrile, polarised, and threatening. There is an emegring threat of despotism and nationalism. The have/have not divide between the rich north west and the impoverished south east is stretching national affiliations. None of this is beng helped by the constant meddling of Putin and the Russians – nor by the bellicose incompetence of Trump and his American administration.
If the UK needs a leader – so does Europe. The UK made an historic mistake with Brexit. So did Europe with its fairy land dreams of Enlargement in the early 1990’s. Now both should stand tall, take their medcine and deal with their immediate imperatives.
For Brussels, how the UK dithers is not their problem – they should tell London to make its own bed and enjoy lying in it. The UK has dithered over Europe since the Duke of Marlborough in the 18th century. It will have had a massive chance to commit and it will have failed.
Europe should turn back to its own immediate dangers and deal with them.
Have a good day. James