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Dangerous bridges.

Turkey is building bridges to neighbouring nations who are at odds with Russia and they see enmity in the US. Last week  President Erdogan met with the Ukrainian President Zelensky to strengthen their economic and military ties.

Both leaders are caught up in the ripples of great histories. Erdogan’s dream is for Turkey once again to exert some at least of the grand influence of the Ottoman Empire. In this history his nation would once again lead the Islamic world. It would command the Black Sea, orchestrate the supply of oil to Eastern Europe and help Ukraine break from Russia, their ancient and present enemy.

The Ukraine sees Turkey as a potential partner in repelling Putin who is, in his turn, no less committed to reinstating his vision of the historic Russian empire. All have become linked to the unravelling dangers of Syria. All are flexing their new found resolve triggered by the perceived threats but also the lack of any functional world police man. The White House has pulled back having undermined NATO and Europe. The mess around the Black Sea, the squabble over oil in the Aegean, and the war in Syria are now coupled with the latest US actions in Israel making Jerusalem, Zionism and Islam the new red line and the geo poltical tinder box of the future. This is where the next conflagration will start.

Have a good day, James