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UK will prosper as EU indigestion. blocks progress.

The EU is biting off too much. UK will win its trade negotiations for two major reasons – both to do with motivation and leadership.

  1. This is the one vital focus for the UK. The EU however has a stream of far more complex problems – of its own potential collapse, of break away despotism, of Turkey, Russia, of war in the South East and of immigration, climate change and poverty. And all that on top of the inevitable self interests and squabbles of 27 different nations – quite apart from the terms of Brexit..
  2. .The UK has the leadership, the power,and the precedents on its side. Do not underestimate the impact of Boris Johnson’s leadership, the extent of his power base and the established precedent set by Canada – these all add up to a royal road to an agreement that works in  favor of the UK.. Brexit is the make or break challenge for the UK –  it is just one of many challenges ahead for the leaderless EU.. Expect no British climb down – this is one battle they will win. Have a good day, James