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Britain’s new politics.

Boris Johnson has introduced a new realism and dynamism into the staid world of British and European bureaucracy.

Negotiations with Brussels are focused and brutal. Britain is insisting on setting its own food quality standards, defining fitness for purpose, and relying on its own law making capacity. So “no” to staying a member of the court of Human Rights, and “no” to any discussion about  defense or foreign policy.

And at home the discussions with business and industry have been no less direct. The nation has voted to leave and leave they will. Business will have to fit in, trim expectations, make the deal work. They will have to shift for themselves.

All of this may be right. The country has massive strengths. Its heritage is storied especially that of the industrial revolution and empire – but it needs now to transform itself. Brexit has given it a chance to start over that will justify the whole experiment – Johnson is determined it will take this opportunity.

Have a good day, James