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US Foreign Policy is based on ignorant, irrelevant, and inappropriate bully tactics – these are proving coounter productive.

Ignorant – we still have 44 Embassies without Ambassadors. No one in the administration speaks Mandarin or has lengthy experience of Asia (see my podcast on “China, the US and World War II” in

Irrelevant : dealing with world issues – Climate Change, Immigration, Extremism – will never be achieved mano a mano, or by the tweet. Leaders use experts, keep their powder dry, create new coalitions of thought. US action against Huawei looks feeble without the support of the Europeans.

Inappropriate – Neither Trump, Pence nor Pompeo show the subtelty, experience, or just plain charm to win over former major allies with further hectoring, threats and with opinions unsubstantiated by facts.

The consequences are serious. The only super power has no clear international policies, is losing allies, and has lost credibility with North Korea, China and Russia. In its place China is building its presence throughout Eurasia.

The US is losing. Have a good day, James