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An East Wind is Blowing.

You’d expect running an Administration was a full-time job. So spare a thought for those much-maligned bureaucrats and legislators in the EU.

They play their part in the never-ending Brexit tennis game; they have to contend with 28 idiosyncratic members over their heads in debt, and experiencing feeble leadership. It all gets worse the further East and South you go. Hungary is currently breaking all of the silverware in the tennis club like an emotional teenager.

But the EU leadership has not been flat-footed. It has suspended Prime Minister Orban’s Fidesz Party. Like most despots, Orban has attacked the media, academic freedom, desperate immigrants, and the indepence of the judiciary. He wants to get back former Hungarian lands lost in two world wars. This includes territory from Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Orban and Putin are already friendly. The EU is facing a series of crises not least an east wind blowing.

Have a good day.