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“America First” or “America Alone”

Our nationalistic slogan “America First” always had within it the seeds of a slide into “America Alone”. That is where we are going, and it is a massive Geo political error. It has led to a Luddite administration refusing to confront the brutal facts of complex international supply chains, or of emerging global threats whether from Climate Change, the Coronavirus, Immigration or the emerging potential for war in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

We have turned away from our closest allies and long standing friends even when their economies are unraveling and they are desperate for medical help and supplies and when we may soon need their support and wisdom.

We continue to extol without question the precious value of our capitalist system even in the face of the competitive force of government controlled sovereign funds.

And we no less do not question our much vaunted system of governance even though it has proved incapable of functioning decisively and elegantly in the face of a pandemic.

During the last few weeks the much ridiculed China has however dealt with its pandemic and in addition it has reached out in sympathy to European Nations in need of medical supplies. Meanwhile Russia has used its sovereign powers to out-compete the US in more than 30 nuclear supply deals – Belarus, Hungary, Turkey and Egypt are all well known flash points that are now further within their  influence.  We have instead killed General Suleimani for no established cause and our troops face deadly harassment from Iranian and Iraqi forces in reprisal. 

China and Russia appear to be building partnerships, expanding trade and influence. And that is OK, that is normal. But we appear to be retiring, reclusive and xenophobic. This is a dangerous stance for the world’s super power to take. It creates a vacuum of democratic leadership just when the world needs it, and it will put our nation onto the back foot as it strives to regain influence in the future. By then we may not have friends to help us along.

Watch these trends over the next few months and ponder the changes necessary to make US Governance fit for purpose.

Have a good day, James