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Facing Facts – Brexit anyone?
So what is left to say about Brexit?
First where do we stand?
A slight majority voted to leave 3 years ago. Last week 6 million signed a petition to stay and hundreds of thousands walked through the West End of London calling for a second referendum.
PM May has missed the proffered hand of opportunity. Never a leader she remained stubborn, dull, living in a bubble of her own making and not seizing the chance to change her tactics in response.. 29 members of her Government have resigned. She has lost more votes by a larger amount that any Prime Minister before her. The Nation is bewildered. The failure of the Administration to plan the consequences in detail, to set out and fully debate the project in the first place, has led to a return to political tribalism. The country now faces a recession, the collapse of Sterling, and an exit that will hurt most and may well no longer have the support of the people.
What wil happen?
The full horrors still await. There is no useful consensus – members have proposed 16 optional strategies. Expect the art of “can kicking” to reach new levels. The PM stepping down could in reality lead to a Boris Johnson who, in populist frenzy, would promote a hard deal Brexit. Already the country is trending towards tribalism – the role and committment of tthe Scots , Irish and possibly Welsh are going to matter.
What should happen?
There really are times when mistakes should be faced – the UK needs to stand back, regroup behind a robustly supported referendum and start over. This is the most important decision in its history – this is no time for tribalism or of partisan politics. In its place the UK should be embracing research, evidence, and each other’s views.
“Facys not faced tend to stab us in the back”.
Have a good day. James