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Wealth Management.

Year to date +30% as of March 26.

To begin at the beginning. My guiding criteria for stock selection:

1. Each stock comes from a sector you “understand” – so no blockchain or biotech. Each has a compelling strength and growth expectation. The portfolio contains 20 stocks spread over 9 sectors from Car to Property and Restaurants.

2. Fight shy of any Government interference so no Chinese or European stocks at the moment. The portfolio currently rests in the US.

3. Voraciously read newsletters (IBD, Zacks, Seeking Alpha, and Fidelity). The ideal company will have continual and united support.

4. The P/E must be below 35 (CTRE, LRN). There should be minimal debt and a significant robust dividend – half the portfolio has a dividend over 3%.

5. Cut unexplained losses at 5% and take profits over 20%.

Next Tuesday will review the first core holding.

Have a good day, James