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Brexit – papering over the cracks.

UK lawmakers have been unable to come to anything like disciplined or rational thought let alone agreement over the last 3 years. Instead their self serving squabbling over the most important decision this great nation has faced, has sqeezed a postponement first to June and now to the end of October.

The Confederation of British Industry, a notable failure to influence the debate, has welcomed the extension as it “averts an imminent economic crisis”.

Misguided bureaucratic talk like this betrays the situation and papers over the cracks. Everything remains in the air, nothing is firm. So expect a continuing decline in corporate investment, expect no initiatives to develop much needed infrastructure, do not look for positive and creative planning – everything is on hold.

The UK economy, already fast declining, will fall further. More companies will locate elsewhere. The trust of the British Public, if ndeed any remains, will evaporate.

Brexit has long stopped being a joke. Sell the UK.

Have a good day, James.