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A Glimmer of hope in the UK?

More trouble, more confusion, but possibly a glimmer of hope.

Theresa May’s, Jeremy Cobyn’s and the UK’s annus horribilis continues. Last week’s local elections cost May’s Tory party 1300 lost seats. This was a major set back for the party of government throughout the nation – as it was also for Corbyn’s feeble opposition Laboour party. Corbyn should have cleaned up but instead lost 80 seats.

The UK is in terminal disarray. Somehow it must now vote for its Representatives to the European Parliament without any clear national policy, without any opposition policy and with a discredited leadership. Why either leader wants to carry on completely baffles me.

However there may be a glimmer of light. The Independent still gives Labour a 3-1 on chance of regaining power – they may be wrong.

UKIP the extreme right party also lost heavily (145 seats).

But the Liberal Democrats, Green Party, and Independants all gained (1500 seats in all). They are more centrist, more rational, and have younger supporters than the two tired and ineffective parties. They are pro Europe and they have the start at least of a new mandate.

The next weeks are still going to be ones of turmoil – but if a new leadership is going to emerge it will be from these new parties.

Have a good day, James