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Churn in high Places.

I have on several occsions criticised this Administration for its inability to find, recruit, develop and hold truly expert, capable and presentable staff. This management skill is central to any organisation – only more so with a national government. Few State Secretaries arrive fully formed. They need time and experience to build their contextual understanding, to form and motivate their own team, and to establish vital networks and relationships. Above all they need the cumulative experience that allows them to make rapid and safe decisions, to prioritise well, to keep fit and clear headed for the inevitable crisis.

The churn in the White House is a mark of its egregious incompetence.

But so it is in Theresa May’s UK Administration. The sacking of Gavin Williamson, the British Defence secretary is the 30th Minister she has “lost” in the last 3 years. However odd it may be to keep a tarantula as a pet – he calls it Cronus – after the God of Time? – losing 30 top appointees only underlines May’s culpable level of managerial inadequacy.

Do not expect joined up thinking, let alone sophisticated long term leadership from either Administration.

Have a good day, JamesĀ