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The Big Lie.

May 7 is a date that echoes down the hallways of history. This year it marked the 75th anniversary of the Nazi surrender to the Allies, led by the United States. But the memory this time was one of shame – of the Grosse Luge, the Big Lie.

In Mein Kampf Hitler explained “There is a certain manufactured credibility in the big lie because broad masses of a nation are more easily corrupted emotionally than rationally. In their primitive simplicity they readily fall victim to the big lie.” The shame for Germany was to use the big lie to turn their ante-semitic hatred into the mass murder of the holocaust. This was the commentary written by the US Office of Strategic Services describing Hitler’s psychological profile:

“His primary rules are never to allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or error; never concede good in your enemy; never accept blame; concentrate on an enemy and blame him for everything – people will believe a big lie if you repeat it frequently enough.”

Our shame is how close we are to this as a description of our current President and the dishonor he brings to the great office he holds. We have tolerated a succession of lies Рthe size of the inaugural crowd, fake news, the deep state. With every step we have allowed the misgovernment of our nation to become more marked. We have ignored Climate Change, we have stood by as NATO, WTO, WHO and the Iran Agreement have been disrupted, and now with the Corona Virus we have watched the succession of White House failures covered up and China blamed Рall without evidence, all without reason, without honor or judgement. We have lost the trust of old allies. Instead we are prompting  a corona war in place of a potential global collaboration. The bitter truth is that we account for one third of worldwide Covid-19 deaths. More of our citizens are dying every day than perished on 9/11.

The biggest lie of all is the repeated doubling down on the suggestion that there is nothing to worry about, there will be a miracle, the pandemic will just fade away. Hitler, Goebbels and their gang would have laughed at such lie. However much we may wish it were different we are unlikely to find closure until a vaccine is discovered and the time for that could be 10 years. In the meantime has our land of the free become the land of the Big lie?  

Have a good day, James.