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Politics and Real World out of synch.

The machinery of western politics is out of synch with the fundamental realities of life.

In the good times this may not matter. We happily collabalorate at an essentially false dance – we pretend the machine is working perfectly when it is not. But in bad times – the misfit is not only apparent it is dangerous.

Brexit is a case in point. We know the referendum result was inconclusive, so marginal as to be effectively a tie. British voters acquiesced initially because they were collaborating in the traditionl dance of democracy and near ties happen in democratic debate – they are normal. But the case in question is not a normal one – for all the cacophonous idiocyncracy of the acronym, BREXIT is in fact the single most important decision in modern British history. A tie provides nothing llike a sufficiently robust basis for decision making at this level of importance. No one seems to have appreciated this during the referendum – hence the botched communications, the lack of preparation, the misleading jingoism and the abject failure of subsequent debate both within parliament, in the country and with the Brussels power brokers.

Britain has to stop, stand back, and learn the lessons of reality.

Firstly the case was never made one way or the other with anything approaching objective rigour. Are the Brits to believe there was not a regular audited annual accounting of the costs and benefits of membership – it was never quoted? Were there no lists kept of those cities (e.g. Sunderland) that have propered as a result (Nisan motor works) – we saw none in evidence? And who justified the inabillity of either party leader to do better than sit on the fence – sitting out the last dance before the lights go out? – I don’t think so!

Most politicians do not have to worry about taking real world decisions. Their own political time frame ends with the next election cycle – so, out of synch with real world reality, they can prevaricate, filibuster,work the chattering classes. They can kick the can down the road, they can continue with the dance. Alas this is not always so. This is when politicians get into synch and stand up as statesmen. Or it is when they are caught by the musical chairs of life and become those most castigated by history. Chamberlain appeasing in the 30’s and now first Cameron then May far more concerned about avoiding being exposed, instead working theĀ  process, finding a way to appeal to other legislators, rather than ensuring the right decision is made for the nation and for europe in both the short and long term.

The NYT today described May’s tenure as “three troubled years in power” – nothing like – this has been a disturbing demonstration of a second rater’s inability to span the bridge between the politicians’ traditional world of compromise and the statesman’s decisive stance of leadership aware of his moment and role in history. She has abrogated her reach for fame.

Britain must do it all again. This is the chance to find new leaders, new attitudes, a new clarity and a wholly new honesty. This is a decison point – not a debating issue.

Britain must get into sych.

But don’t hold your breath – the omens are not good.

Have a good day, James