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Anarchy in Europe.

Ignore the siren songs of the establishment – they are history – Europe’s collapse remains on schedule. 

Each nation has shaped up differently but, in broad terms, throughout the continent, the 28 elections to the E.U. Parliament have polarised opinion, destroyed the traditional centre coalitions and reflected the disperate and long standing economic realities between the prosperous North and West and the impoverished South and East.

France straddles this geography. It is now a country divided between its economically and culturally powerful northern cities and its increasingly poor rural and southern communities. Macron’s centrist parties have been defeated by Marie Le Pen’s National Front.

In Germany, with unemployment rising and consumer confidence falling, Merkyl’s centrist coalition suffered its worst defeat in decades.

Salvini’s far right in Italy won handsomely. He is now a potentially major force for anarchy alongside the monoracial despots of Hungary and Poland.

In just 3 weeks, the election has exposed the historic flaws in Europe’s mistaken policy of politically motivated “Enlargement” 30 years ago, following the collapse of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. It was then that an economically weak slate of former Russian vassal states were welcomed into the Club they could not afford.

The process was as ill conceived as it was mismanaged. Its implications remain to be faced. As the can was kicked down the road, the extent of the economic, cultural and infrastructural mismatch was largely ignored. The reckoning is approaching. Hence now the trend towards Institutional anarchy, increasingly polarised opinion. brutal dictatorships, closed communities and  nationalistic zenophobia. Hence too a growing and destabilising fondness for mother Russia and Putin – all too ready to offer a “helping hand”.

The single issue Brexit party in the UK won 35% of the vote – both establishment parties were crushed. The UK, sitting on the fence too long, is not exempt from future economic shock – it may well end suffering the greatest losses of all.

Macron has called it a “lovely result, very solid score” – it has been nothing of the sort. We are heading for Institutional Anarchy.

Have a good day. James.