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This summer report is going out at a strange and contradictory moment. Business here in Florida is excellent, the pipeline and plans are exciting, the portfolio thriving… and the rest of the world is going to hell in a handbasket!

So here’s the thing – the underlying US economy is strong, in economic tems it’s the best house on the street. Its true performance, however, is being undermined by a demented President, an ignorant administration, and a political system that has lost its sense of honor and accountability. Add in the mishandling of its traditional and local allies, the frantic to-ing and fro-ing over North Korea and Iran and I see not one black swan, but a whole flock flapping our way to coincide with the next election in 2020. At the same time the crisis in Europe is gathering momentum. Nothing is made easier by the massive unchanneled presence of China, the unchallenged malevolence of Russia, or the unconfronted impending calamity of climate change and its impact on vulnerable populations.

Despite all of this, my client Samuel Construction is prospering. They are fired up by the growing local economy in Indian River County and by their move to building leading-edge design, and environmentally self-sustaining, family homesteads in our stunning Florida climate. They are eagerly recruiting youg experienced staff (contact me for more information). And we’re working hard with the Gifford Youth Achievement Center to enhance the educational and lifestyle programs from this uniquely successful platform of social change here in Vero Beach. We’re about to start out estabishing the commercial development partners for a brilliant medical diagnostic disruptor. I’m thrilled that my own IT expert is about to launch his bespoke service to insurance agents in Florida (again, don’t hesitate to contact me).

As revealed each week in my wealth management blog “Thought For Wednesday” the portfolio is holding at +44% for the year so far and now our audience of more than a thousand are in close contact with our everyday financial decisions. I continue to be an advisor to the King Group of wealth managers at Merrill Lynch (again, contact me for more information).

The geopolitical and geoeconomic volatility around the world have only made my talks on “Europe in Crisis” and “The US, China & World War III” more relevant and I have transferred my regular blogs to LinkedIn. The new blogs on geopolitics, wealth creation and consulting are gaining acclaim.

During the summer I will be speaking in North Carolina and we are launching a campaign aimed at leading regional and local service firms/banks/wealth managers/lawyers/accountants – to help them recalibrate their business development programs. Their clients want to understand the context for their most important domestic and corporate financial planning. And we will provide that.

Have a great summer.

With best wishes,