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Wrecking Ball Policies.

This administration inherited a global economy described in 2017 as “goldilocks” – its inheritance now looks wretched, fraught with threats at political, economic and social levels. The churn in the White House has meant scant opportunity for building cumulative experience, the volatility of its thinking has destroyed world wide trust. Some of the President’s original team of “great men” are in prison and his chief strategist, guru and mentor is on a campaign to destroy democratic resolve and initiate institutional anarchy wherever he can find an audience.

The US has meanwhile cultivated no debate on the great themes of the day, the global time bombs – poverty, climate change, education, health care and economic debt. The symptoms of impending catastrophe have instead become more threatening – in particular how to cope with immigration, race and religion over the next generation. Where the one established super power could be filling the role of the world’s thought leader, it’s own leadership has turned it into a distrusted wrecking ball. 

The opportunity is to find ways to a new collaboration. Roosevelt, Eisnhower and others all have shown our  ability to rally and reconfigure policy, to raise spirits, to act and to achieve to an astonishing level – just look at Roosevelt’s transformation of US industry into the war machine of 1941, look at Eisenhower and the scale of the D-Day landings, and remember the shift to science , technology and the Moon inspired by Kennedy in the 60’s. We know what success could look like – our experts, our innovators and our young people hand in hand with those in South America, in Asia, in China and in Europe all bending every intellect to stand on each other’s shoulders to fly further, faster and higher together than we could ever achieve alone.

That is a vision that could surely win respect, acclaim and applause for a worthwhile job well done.

Till a new American leadership emerges that can provide such a vision, expect the further polarisation of dark politics, more meddling from Russia, a growing tension with China, crazines with Iran and North Korea and all the inevtable steps backwards brought about by the impending and unrelenting catastrophe of climate change and unchecked population drift. Expect more instututional anarchy, more regime disruption.

In the meanwhile sell Europe, sell China, sell Mexico and hold only US centric stocks , gold and cash. 

Have a good day, James.