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The need for values in Leadership.

The last six weeks have shown how quickly and how far great nations can fall without a value driven leadership*. 

Europe is reverting to the failed tribalism of last century. In the UK leadership is stalling. We in the US are being led deep into a Wagnerian gloom of self deception, doubt and xenophobia – all precisely when the world is crying out for the light of a global leadership that is stable, value driven and inspiring.

On the scientific front, apart from the shocking rejection of science itself and learning as the basis for thinking, some Federal, state and Local leaders are now suggesting that coronavirus testing should be reduced because it only reveals more of the true scale of the pandemic. We are becoming an Alice in wonderland World where the less you know the less you have to fear!

On the economic front, our Administration ‘s myopic and uncharitable instincts have sought to reduce rather than expand our influence in the world. In denial we are seeking to withdraw rather than involve, to exclude rather than include and to disrupt rather than to rebuild. The United States has the strongest claim for immediate survival and self sufficiency so to hell with the complexities of global trade, of dependent allies, and potentially world improving but novel collaborations.

After the falling off of the last weeks here are two thoughts that might buoy your spirits like new spring cherry blossom after days of frost.

I am a Rotarian. we have four objects:

  • to build friendships as an opportunity to help and serve;
  • to foster ethical standards in our business dealings;
  • to see service as the core of our lives;
  • to advance international understanding and goodwill. 

Rotarians underpin these objects by voicing a four way test:

  • is it the truth?
  • is it fair to all concerned?
  • will it build goodwill and friendship?
  • will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Rotary is the international force for good that helped to create the united nations – it and many other organizations like it matter today as never before.

The second flash of a new leadership light comes from the emerging fight back of our princes of business. Today the great US and Western companies are our leaders of change, innovation and world improvement. The Administration here and in Europe are absent, picking at the nits of bureaucratic trivia and the unleavened bread of ignorance. The White House is seeking to roll back the massive and complex gains of global supply chains and collaborative innovation. But Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft continue to expand their outreach. The challenge of Climate Change and AI has brought together the car industry across borders. And the coronavirus has made a mockery of the White House’s isolationism as Universities, Businesses and Funds work together around the world.

Leadership thrives on value driven innovation, on visionary growth to the benefit of all – whole valleys of new cherry blossom to lift the spirits could be there for the taking. And that is the truth.

Have a good day, James.

*James Cooke is about to publish his Master class – “The New Leadership”.