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Breaking Things.

Tuesday in Orlando sees the Presidential election get into full swing -a moment to take stock of what has been achieved so far. It is hard to see any full on success – it is not difficult to see backward steps.

Breaking Trust in Iran:  Breaking the long negotiated Nuclear Agreement has been a wrecking ball to our reputation. Iran, ancient Persa, is a proud nation with a storied history. Tirelss negotiations had brought the support of important and trusted European allies to an agreement that had a chance – we have reneged on that agreement and broken trust. It is almost as though we want another war. Do we not know the cost of the miscalculated , misinformed and mistaken axis of evil has already been $6 trillion – do we want to be mistrusted?

Breaking Economies with Tariffs:  Tariff threats are the new mot du jour – to be used against neighbours Canada, Mexico, friends individually and collectively in Europe, and persistently with major long term competitors such as China. The trouble is they cut both ways. So the White House has now to compensate our farmers , industry is facing increasing costs, retail is suffering and this pales in comparison to the costs of rescheduling supply chains and the long term failure to buid coalitions to deal with the world’s real global challenges. Do we really want to break rather than build economies? 

Building Enemies:  A week ago Putin and Xi won acclaim at the St Petersburg International Economic forum promoting the increase in Russo/Chinese trade – “we hated to leave” said Putin, whom Xi called “a best friend”. then Putin called a meeting with Kim Jong-Un to discuss North Korea’s much needed help in dodging US sanctions.  Do we really want to encourage friendships such as this?

The brutal truth is that US foreign policy has become a mistrusted international wrecking ball. We appear to be focussed more on inciting regime confusion and economic disharmony than in building collaboration to cope with the true global challenges we face.

 Have a good day, James