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Fish rot from the head.

The Bolton memoires reflect badly on all of us. But they matter. We are indeed in the midst of a dark period in American history. This is an Administration without clear values, without an understood plan, unable to focus on America’s needs, unwilling to learn, turning instead to cover up, denial, and short term temporizing. Instead of solid governance and robust consideration, the important challenges facing our great nation are being met by paranoid amateurs. Our foreign policy is that of an intemperate fraternity pack. At home it is now open season for betrayal.

Nations, like fish, rot from the head, and there is rottenness in our state:

  • No biblical miracle could save the mismanagement of the corona virus. Instead the tactic has been to move on, forget anything has happened, hope for a vaccine, or anything like a vaccine, before the election comes. The order is to go silent and hope the people forget.
  • Americans everywhere are confused as to how they should respond. They rightly respect the office of the President even if the incumbent is a mistake. As it is, without clear leadership, do they wear masks or go for herd control?
  • In the absence of government regulations should a corona test cost $100 or $2000? there is emerging a black market in fear.
  • Without value driven and respected leadership how can we assuage the boiling anger of our abused minorities? What is to stop a repeat of the “I got him” Atlanta shooting of the next Rayshard Brooks?
  • Where the courts have rejected new programs this Administration has quietly deployed “stay orders” to suborn the rule of law. How do we stop such abuses?
  • Far from bringing clarity and light to the nation’s thinking, this White House is hyping threats from newly imagined sources – terrorists, Antifa, China and always without any shred of hard evidence. 
  • And throughout there is a continuation of self defeating bully tactics in our name to disrupt long standing and proven relationships with our allies – pulling out of the European Digital Tax negotiations is just the latest in a litany of foreign policy missteps.  

  Every day and every action diminishes the Presidency and it also diminishes us and the United States. So here’s the thing, this President has become no mere bystander, a joke already sidelined by history. He has instead taken an active role in debasing our values, in disrupting our society, and he still does. The American identity is being betrayed by its President just when strength, resolve and sensitivity are most needed by us, by our nearest neighbors and our true allies around the world.

We must learn from this mistake- never again – America needs leadership*.

Have a good day, James.

  • James Cooke’s new master class – The New Leadership – will be published in July.