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Climate Change.

I am dumfounded by the ignorance of Trump. Unlike most great leaders who had a passion for innovation, our man basks in the sunlamp of alternative science. He is imperilling the rest of the world.

Climate Change is the real and present danger facing all of us today. It requires a response from all of us. And thank goodness it is getting it with the exception of Trump and his acolytes.

Here are just two comments today from outstanding sources.

The NYT reported the Administration’s steady rolling back of emission controls, withdrawal from the Paris accord, and now freeing up of constraints on coal production in the US. The excellent newsletter “Geopolitical Futures” then described the impact of climate change – the water shortage in India where “the resevoirs in Chnnai, the 6th largest city (population 10 milions) have completely dried out as the rate of melting in the Himalyan Glaciers has doubled over the last decade.”

A significant part of the demographic shifts we are seeing today from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and from the beleagured nations of North Africa is due to climate Change. Desertification, water shortages, Collapsing harvests, disease will not politely wait for self consumed politicians.

We are increasing the overhang of calamity that our children will inherit and America is failing to lead.

Have a good day, James