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Johnson to win in the UK. 

It looks like Boris Johnson is the next British Prime Minister.

“He is not a man to believe in, to trust or to respect” – this from Max Hastings editor of the Daily Telegraph and one of the leading miitary historians today*. But Boris amuses people, he is fun and, my oh my, are the rest dull!

Johnson is the ultimate populist – without any apparent moral compass, with no profound beliefs he may be a blank canvas on which people project their views. As a journalist he revelled in the fake news of his made up reports from Brussels – what he called “marmalade droppings” – a mess of ideas massaged to fit a preconceived ante E.U. narrative and frequently untruthful – as were his speeches in favour of leaving during the referendum.

He recently arrived at a rally dishevelled, late, unprepared, script lost, chaos – but he often does this, its part of a canny and manipulative performance and the audience loves it.

A few years ago I reviewed his book on Churchill which as well as being a jolly effort reads like a self promotion of himself as the next man walking with destiny. He is Britain’s most famous cyclist. I forecast then that he would be the next PM.

Theresa May got in the way.

I don’t think he is going to let anyone stand in his way this time.

Have a good day, James.

* author of “Inferno”, “1914. Europe goes to War.”