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Time for a New Leadership.

This great nation looks to be on the verge of a Corona Panic. It is now the turn of the Southern States to suffer and the numbers are alarming. Texas, The Carolinas, Florida are not getting a free pass. In Florida alone there have been 5000 cases in each of the last successive days – 60% more than died in 9/11 – and the overall numbers are rising steadily. There were 37000 new cases in the US on Wednesday and Dr Redfield, the director of the Center of Disease Control estimates the actual infection rates may be 10 times higher than the 2.4 million cases reported so far. We are not alone – the Germans are now confronting what looks very much like a second surge and Europe as a whole is no where near a concerted and controlled response throughout its 27 member states. Its management has lacked coherent leadership.

The Corona Pandemic is serious, it is everywhere and it is worsening.

But the essential problem here has been one of leadership*. The President is in a denial that amounts to dereliction of duty and borders on national betrayal. Initial cover up, wishing for miracles, channeling the power of sunlight, injecting disinfectant – these became the musings of insanity. Refusing to wear masks, to observe simple distancing, denigrating scientists, and seeking to blame China, these were actions that could only confuse, sow discord, and disrupt careful progress. These were the failures of an ante-president. I suggest that most recently, lacking any set of life values, the Administration made a fundamental miscalculation weighing the importance of the economy as greater than the need to protect lives.   

But here’s the thing, there remains an opportunity for a new leadership. There has been no need to blame anyone. This is a new virus, its capacities are unknown. We are at ground zero. We need a plan and right now it should be focused first of all on containment, fully recognizing that actions that look sensible one may be superseded the next in the light of scientific discovery. We should be openly sharing this process of discovery and of research with our friends around the world, using it to expand relationships  and build new ones – after all this is a world wide pandemic. All of us should be intelligent enough to accept there will be uncomfortable protocols we follow because it is right that we should. They are not violating our human rights, they have nothing to do with the constitution, They are there to help our very survival.

In all of this it is impossible any longer to escape a rejection of the White House’s every action. The Tulsa rally was not only racially insensitive, it gave us a President and Vice President boasting their refusal to lead by example – no masks, no distancing, and negative rhetoric. it is fortunate so few bothered to turn out to hear them.

Have a good day, James.

 * James will be publishing his master class – The New leadership – in mid July.