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Democracy in Britain?

The fall out from the last few years of tthe UK’s failed leadership is by no means over.

The economy is under threat, investment and efficiency are falling, poverty is on the rise and now the good people there face more weeks of frustration as the Conservative Party complete their own internecine appointment of a third leader in as many years. No one is governing and a nation’s democratic rights are being threatened. So what is going on?

Over the years each party in the UK has evolved its own traditions for electing its leader. More often than not the event takes place after the party has lost an election.  But in this rare case electing the next leader of the Conservative Party means also electing the Prime Minister of the country as a whole. This might not matter were the Conservatives manifestly the majority party or if they were in the midst of a calm and robust period of politics. But the case today is dramatically different. They have recently been thrashed in the European elections, they are unpoplar with the country and they are facing an historic decision to stay or leave the European Union.

In this context the detail of the election process in the next 2 weeks makes for worying reading. Ultimately the vote will be down to just the 160,000 paid up members of the Party – out of a population of 70 millions! It looks as though a skewed, unrepresentative and statistically misleading club is about to anoint a minority Prime Minister to take a once in a life time decision, over the heads of the majority and the next generation who will be most effected by the outcome.

 The next PM must prove himself a statesman, call a national election at once or Britain may become ungovernable.

Have a good day, James