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Europe – gang land rivalries.

Europe leadership remains in turmoil. This weekend the self appointed aspirants – Merkel and Macron – are hoping to seal Corona and Economic funding packages that will help the beleaguered and failing nations to the south and East of the bloc. In addition they hope to settle the budget for the next 5 years. So there will be all manner of virtual and real meetings, promises will be made and lofty aspirations will be endorsed. But some nations are not for turning. The frugal four of the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden will resist the unconditional gift of riches to their threatened but profligate brothers. They want to see them become responsible, measured up, asked to justify the aid they need so desperately.

The turmoil has been worsened by President Duda’s retention of power in Poland on Sunday. His fascist Law and Order Party won the narrowest of victories following an ante LGBT, ante migrant, brutally polarized and nationalistic campaign. Poland is now split – its government supported by such fellow travelers as the Catholic church, President Trump and the most elderly and the poorest in the nation. Duda will wear nationalism on his sleeve, continue to bate the EU seniority and provide a challenge to their struggling leadership – a small town hoodlum cocking a snook at the big boys.

Look carefully at the next steps taken this week end by what used to be our major ally. There is no European plan, no manifesto, no mandate and no understood leadership – only incessant gang like rivalries and short term stop gaps. Sell Europe.