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Management means measurement.

Four themes lie at the heart of meaningful leadership and management*:

  • Love for your people;
  • Dynamic strategic planning;
  • Sensible operating disciplines in use;
  • And Measurement.

It is time to talk of Measurement. One of the mantras throughout corporate America is that “Management depends upon Measurement”. But not apparently when it comes to really big issues, to National Government or to Nationwide challenges. So health experts and the general public, concerned at our response to the pandemic, are clamoring in vain for a uniform set of accurate and timely metrics to allow them to quantify progress, to underpin events and turn them into comparative evidence.

It is now clear that the President’s fear of looming  failure, of loosing face, and of being shown up as an incompetent means that every effort is focused on passing the buck, setting up China, the  State Governors, or even the Expert Advisors, someone else to take the fall. The White House has failed in all of the three cornerstones of good practice. As more people die each day** there remains:

  • No love for the people;
  • No central plan;
  • No operating disciplines controlling masks, social distancing and events and above all;
  • No agreed sets of core reporting data.

Even the heroic Governor of New York seemed a wide eyed innocent in this regard welcoming standardized statistics as “something that’s been absent from the tool kit.”

Without metrics you cannot make robust comparisons, set solid benchmarks or monitor progress. But then if your only concern is to hide from the truth and to refuse to face the brutal facts, perhaps it is better just to make up whatever you want your public to hear – and this Administration certainly leads on one thing – made up stories about their performance.

Have a good day, James.

  • *James will be publishing his Master class – The New Leadership – at the end of July.
  • **Every week American Corona deaths are roughly equivalent to twice the number who died on 9/11.