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Brexit – 89 days to go.

Well Boris is happily following the play book we outlined at the end of July (07/30/2019).

Brecon and Radnorshire is a lovely part of South Wales. The seat was won by the pro European Liberal Democrats with 44% of the vote. Boris was in Scotland being heckled. Now he is off to Ireland and will doubtless call in on Wales where he will continue to be heckled.

Meanwhile in London, the governor of the Bank of England has started the mournful drum beat of Britain’s funeral march. The pound is falling, gdp is falling, companies are pulling out investment. Without a brilliant and innovative exit plan – or a Pauline conversion – the Governor is warning of chaos.

Through it all the general support is growing for the Conservatives. Boris has neutered UKIP, the right wing fascist group that led the original Brexit charge. The other parties don’t really figure and the Labor opposition came in a lacklustre 4th at Brecon.

Let’s see what happens next week – a trip to Brussels?

Have a good day, JamesĀ