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Brexit – the Wrong Game.

The Brexit game is afoot – it will be long, drawn out and brutal.

Already the facts are coming home to roost. The Governor of the Bank of England is talking recession. Q2 showed today the first quarterly contraction for 7 years. And you ain’t seen anything yet!

Harsh realities lie ahead and with every passing day the leadership, caught in a switch back of its own making, is failing to find a break out strategy, a life line to transformative change. Instead Johnson and his crew, mindful only of their push for power, are already manoevering to engineer an election cum referendum immediately after October 31. The opposition hardly counts – it is in disarray. Neither know action – they both know only politics – so they will collaborate to play the wrong games at precisely the wrong time.

Britain, that historic and charming nation, faces not so much a graceful decline as an unstoppable collapse. Do not buy Britain.

Have a good day, James