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Fiddling whilst Britain burns.

Brexit shenanigans continue.

Boris and his team are trying to redesign the moral high ground. Their mantra ranges from “Don’t rock the boat” to “disagreement is betrayal of the leader”. His acolytes take it in turns to play Buckingham to his Richard 111 begging him to call a snap election, whilst he bashfully stick to his “principles” and his “word” to go for a hard exit.

Meanwhile Corbyn has taken an almost comatose position begging MP’s to change sides  to support him as a sort of hopeful surrogate Prime Minister. Corbyn knows full well no MP will so publically jeopardise their career – but hot air is better than none.

And still, and still after nearly 3 years no one has shown why leaving is a good idea, how the UK will maximise its opportunity, and why remaining would be so bad. 

The British parliament, called to action over the most important decision in their history are acting shamefully.

There are 52 working days left to B-Day.

Have a good one, James