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Known by the company he keeps.

Since 1917, when Lenin returned to Moscow, Russia has been a pariah – an enemy of freedom, democracy and the west. Lenin’s was a revolution of violence and terror that led a nation down a nightmare road to suffering beyond imagination. Gulags, iron curtains, Berlin walls followed as did a persistent failure to build economic strength or social prosperity. Today the largest nation in physical terms has a gdp per capita of just $11500 – one third that of Italy ($33,000) and a quarter that of the UK ($42000) – the US equivalent figure for 2019 was $65000. 

Envious of the riches of its western neighbors, their culture, innovation and freedoms but too weak to compete, Russia has meddled, distracted and interfered covertly at the margin, happy to disrupt wherever it can. The country today is run by the former secret police officer Putin – now president for life.

Living with Russia has been an incalculable cost in terms of wasted treasure, lives and our free way of life. The last occupying soviet soldier did not leave Latvia till 1992.The recent take over of the Ukraine showed no let up in Putin’s grim playbook.

This history is why yesterday’s bi partisan Senate report matters so much.

Our President clearly has a private affinity with the world’s source of geo-political evil. This is not just an error of judgement or a temporary aberration. This has persisted throughout the presidency. It has been clandestine. It has been covered up. It is very hard to see it as anything but treachery – a betrayal of any values or trust that allow him to continue to lead. We already knew to our dismay that we had elected president who was a liar. We learned that he was a systemic narcissist. The corona virus has shown him to be a managerial incompetent. We now know we have an aspirant traitor as our President.

Can anyone truly say we want to vote for more of this in November?