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” The weekly report.

It’s been a week – so perhaps its time to give Trump a break. First theĀ  “high spots” :

– “The leader of the free world”, he has frozen $4bn of global health, peace keeping and foreign aid – denying programs to fight Ebola and cutting US diplomatic representation on the ground. There are more people employed today in military grocery stores than there are Diplomats.

– “The greatest deal maker”, his transactional approach to China has yielded nothing positive so far – but it has alienated our allies and encouraged China’s integration with them and the rest of the world. Our home economy and investment market has been stymied by the wreckless assault on hard won supply chains and long term global business strategies.

– “The economic magician” has looked in desperation for more tax cuts unaware how the last sugar high failed to focus on R&D, Innovation and Infrastructure rather than buy backs, fake dividends and CEO compensation.

– “The leader of the nation” has found himself arguing against his own auto makers over the environmental strategy for car manufacture. He now stands proudly alone in the world convinced climate change is fake news.

– “Our leader of the West” has failed to buy Greenland as a swap for Puerto Rico. He has never rated Puerto Rico but was hurt that Danish Prime Minister should dismiss the offer as “absurd”. In a spasm of irritation he has called off his planned gala visit there next month.

and then…

– “Our leader of the US tiger economy” unfortunately did not realise the Jaskson Hole meeting of the FED was only a debate, a think tank. It was not ever there to reset interest rates, so he need not have blustered into tweets.

Perhaps with all that stuff going on in his head he just got plain confused.

Its been a week – but then frankly, its been quite a year for the little man.

Have a great day, James