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The New Leadership – applied to America. 

As you know I have just completed my Master Class – The New Leadership. You can all access it via Here’s my thinking on how it could be applied to the challenges we face here today.

  1. Build on our strengths. The US is strong. we remain the go to place for investors and for all who are forced by climate change and terrible local politics  to flee their homes. Everyone wants to be American.
  2. Have faith. However much you may despair at the managerial and ethical incompetence of the White House – there will be a solution to the pandemic and it will be operational within the next 6 months.
  3. Retake the role of World thought leader. Simply applying the basics of the New Leadership the next US administration can readily reclaim its full status once again and transform itself into the innovative, refreshing, and strategically focused leader the world so desperately needs.
  4. The strategy should build on the key features of our status as the world super power:

– the dollar is the world’s reserve currency;

– we are self sufficient in terms of power, industry and manpower;

– we have a formidable and established consumer base;

– we have a robust socio-political base founded on an unique mix of benevolent capitalism and democratic socialism.

5. The strategy could have 4 main strategic drivers – let me have your four drivers:

  •  a total war on Climate change, promoting and developing the US as the center for advanced thinking and action both at home and throughout the world.
  •  ensuring the US and other democratic economies collaborate to achieve leading edge preeminence  in AI, 5G and future new technologies.
  •  managing out joblessness in the US through a nationwide Infrastructure and Community Support Corps.
  •  Ensuring throughout values of truth, fairness and benefit for all concerned are evidenced and supported by our actions. 

Future notes will focus on the international  implications of this thinking and on the structural changes that will have to be made to the way we do things here.

Have a good day, James.