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Published by James Cooke1 min

Denying Visa Renewals.

Whatever is the administration thinking denying visa renewals to non citizens who have worked successfully here for years? The United States is in a complex, urgent and global race for the best brains and most skillful hands. we are losing ground.
One of our competitors, China, graduates 1.3 million more STEM high school students than we do – each year. That is not a brain drain, that is a brain flood!
Visa denials ham string our essential economic growth. The issues that surround the decision are doubtless complex. They touch on many aspects of society and politics – but they need to be resolved quickly, coherently and in collaboration with employers.
Last week 60 CEO’s of our largest companies warned that the recent changes threaten to “undermine economic growth and American competetiveness”. They are right – were they not even consulted?
America needs a new leadership capable of joined up thinking to deal with these joined up problems.

Have a good day, James