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BREXIT – Prorogation? what next?

The nation’s legislators are on holiday and Boris Johnson has closed Parliament for 5 of the 9 weeks before a hard exit on October 31 – against the wishes of most MP’s and roughly half of the nation. The minority PM is sailing close to the wind and has raised the stakes.

Ultimately there is a grey area around who takes precedent – the Prime Minister or the House of Commons. The Speaker, John Bercow, has called Johnson’s action a “Constitutional Outrage”. But the real problem is the feebleness of the perpetually dithering Remain legislators. The opposition is no where, the fringe parties are divided – there are no leaders. In the squabbling vacuum Johnson is herding the cats into the election he really wants and will win. We are starting to see his power grab unfolding.

“Prorogation” is simply the term given to the formal and normal procedure to end a Parliament. It is however very abnormal for it to be instigated in order to stifle a debate let alone one that is concerned with the most important decision in Britain’s history. The most notorious example saw King William IV entering the House in person to ensure a vote over the Reform Bill and that takes us back several hundred years.

Johnson is seeking to narrow the window of time left for parliament to get its act together to block his No-deal Brexit.

Prorogation will come into force after September 9 and last for 5 weeks. In all there are 45 working days left till October 31 – the minority PM has just cut the days available to 25!

Britain is in a mess.

Have a good day, James.