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Brexit switch back.

Britain is going through its constitutional, political, economic and operational switch back – it will not recover easily. The helter skelter is in the hands of an incendiary populist – at stake the nation’s future.

It took just one MP to “cross the floor” to make Johnson’s party a minority government. The pound is falling. Threats of a sudden election are in the air. Ministers are refusing to answer to parliament, food shortages are being dicussed and the economy is under threat.

Johnson’s aim is to win a fresh election where he can be seen to be “the people’s champion” – as in sovereignty, Britain first, taking back control. At the same time he has to neuter UKIP, the original Brexit party, that may appeal to many Johnson voters. This is an opportunistic power play based on stealing the ideas of another party, misrepresentation of facts and cover up of the real challenges that could lie ahead.

Britain is in trouble – there are just 42 working days till B-Day and there are no strategies that help the nation.

Have a good day, JamesĀ