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Monday March 9, 2020. “Corona – Monday” or New Thinking?

This looks threatening. Most continents are infected. Markets are in free fall. But this could be an opportunity to change a deranged American strategy and replace it with a fresh leadership model that stresses our values and the values of brotherhood.

Other nations are already suffering from the leadership to the man in the street. Some of these nations are our adversaries. They are enemies whose economies have already been shattered by our geo-economic warfare.

Iran is an example. As of today 388 are infected and 34 dead. The US embargo’s have already meant border closures and a crippled economy. The Revolutionary Guard and Iraqi Shiite troops have kept things going by smuggling oil in old fashioned barrels – but the Corona threat means Baghdad will close this extreme outlet. Iran’s health system is in jeopardy – just 10 doctors per 1000 people where we have 5 times that number. There  will be riots, curfews are threatened.

But, and here’s the point, this is no time to gloat. This is the time to stretch out a hand – to help – to show US concern for humanity, to finesse the mangled relations of past foreign diplomacy. 

America First did its job – it won an election. But in a global context it was always the most myopic thought of a two dimensional government. It is especially misleading as the foreign policy core of the world’s superpower. Climate change, New Technologies, Coping with disease and poverty all demand inclusive, global, and scientifically expert leadership. We have this capability – this is our chance to deploy our strengths as part of a new humanitarian rebirth. 

Have a good day, James.