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The Brexit mess worsens.

As Johnson loses his majority in the House of Commons so he is losing his credibility as a valid negotiator within the E.U. leadership. No one wants to work with a man of straw, and Boris may be a leader with neither a past nor a future. His challenge now is to magically produce the nation-rallying rabbit out of the battered hat of Brexit negotiations over the last 3 years. More cabinet members are leaving, his most ardent supporters are looking increasingly out of touch and strange. His key advisor is becoming a liability. And as the mood changes the erstwhile pusillanimous MPs will find their voice. Boris loves to play with words – his enemies will find their voice, then they will pellulate. He knows this, that is why he is reacting so violently to defections – he knows he may be losing already. In which case he will have made it possible for a fresh election, and a fresh leader – the question is who? Boris is facing the crisis he deserves.

Have a good day, James.