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Boris is winning the war.

He has lost a few skirmishes but Boris is winning the Brexit war. His aim is to lead the next election as the decisive people’s choice and fully backed by his party machine.

That means showing up the opposition and Corbyn in particular as the “chlorinated chicken” he undoubtedly is. It means silencing the appeal of UKIP – the Brexit party. And it means reinstating the supremacy of the  Party discipline that characterises UK politics. It is this that historically informs the strategic thrust and mandate for political power in the UK.

So though he has lost two procedural votes in the last few days, Johnson has lost no opportunity to be the people’s decisive champion and he has repeatedly and successfully disparaged Corbyn. He has purged his party of 21 disaffected MP’s including hs own brother and Ken Clarke – father of the house after nearly 50 years as an MP.

And finally the new British PM  has watched as the House has manoevered itself to the election he has always been seeking and that he knows he can win – unless – unless a new pro Europe statesman-leader emerges with the charisma to shift away from the populist rubbish, to kick start a new economically viable debate and to focus on the future of the nation. Absent this person, amd I cannot see him or her on the horizon, the UK is in for a torrid period of increasingly volatile government – initially led by Johnson.

Keep selling the UK.

Have a good day, James.