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No “lightbulb” moment!

Thursday’s New York Times header was a picture of the devastation caused by hurrican Dorian. It’s later pages described Bahamians suffering the impact of climate change – rising waters and failing traditional power supply – and their frustration at being unable to harness the sun, wind and other new technologies because they are committed to outdated fossil fuels. And then, just below the desperate photograph was the news that, far from seeing the light the Trump administration has further plans to roll back environmental thinking in the US by quashing the Bush and Obama preferential support for LED light bulbs.

This fits a pattern of ineptitude.

Trump cut controls on methane last week, and is bizarrely still wrangling with the US Auto industry to replace the Clean Power Plan. He does not understand the complexities of global manufacture and the industry leaders are vainly trying to explain how the world has become both global and environmentally enlightened and that they must respond with globally relevant standards. 

For  a nation that justifiably takes such pride in its science, in its STEM education and in defending its technology it is bewildering that our leadership is so luddite. It is truly appalling how our corrupt legislators are failing to sensor Trump’s  scientific anarchy.

The next election matters.

Have a good day, James