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China acts, America dithers. 

The Alabama/Dorian/Metereology story is just a storm in a tea cup! Any leader with an iota of wit would have revelled in the fun – but laughing at oneself is something systemic narcissists find hard to do.

That of course is not the point.

The real questions surround the gloomy waste of another week. Who is directing policy? who is leading to ensure action takes place? who is reviewing progress? Ensuring results are achieved? This matters – just look at the growing role call of infamy. Russia and Putin have been given a conspiratorial pass thoroughout. But now North Korea and Rocket man can fire off missiles with impunity. There is no wall. Mexico will not pay. Instead the White House may plunder its own defence budget. Europe now treats the US as a pariah – not to be trusted. And despite all the tragic evidence the administration cannot quite understand Climate Change – perhaps the metereologists knew something after all.

Whilst the White House remains untethered and unstable, China is quietly growing its power and its influence. Its elite sovereign management team is winning the race for 5G. Bernstein confirm 100 million chinese 5G users and 150,000 new base stations by the end of 2020. Here we have only infighting between Washington, municipal governments and the private sector – we may have 10,000 base stations by 2020.

China has filed twice the rate of patents for Quantum technology. At the summer Shanghai Conference Pan Jian-Wei, their physicist lead described the massive plans to harness China’s capacity whilst the American leadership is contemplating talks.

And whilst the White House continues to argue against its own car industry and against the environmental leadership shown by it, BMW, Volkswagen and others, China is planning new battery factories in the heart of Germany to support and service their great companes as part of their global supply chain and China’s Eurasian trade route.

The really big storms lie ahead. We have no one at the wheel. When will our legislators find the spine to challenge this crew as the do nothing shambles it really is?

Hav a good day, James.