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Hungarian immigration – 

a glimmer of light?  This column has pointed up the terrible history of Europe in the 20th Century (see “Europe in Crisis” video) not just in two World Wars but also the ongoing carnage, revenge killings and persecution that persisted till the last invading Russian soldier left Estonia and Latvia in the 1990’s. Historians gloss over the fact that after 1945 Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and others  effectively took  Nazi’s ethnic cleansing to its logical conclusion with the largest act of genocide the world has ever seen. Today many East European nations are virtually mono racial. Their despotic leaders, Victor Orban of Hungary is one, have been stridently ante immigrants and openly hostile to the E.U. more accommodative stance.

But, whatever the language used by the despots, there are emerging signs that behaviour on the ground may be changing for the better. A formative article in the Wall street Journal shows a more complex and hopeful trend. Many of the newly freed states have  suffered high numbers of emmigrants and a fall in their own working population. Hungary’s population has fallen by 300,000 to 9.7 million. Now, as their economies are inproving employers are struggling to fill vacancies (80,000 in Hungary’s case). So the trend is shifting and immigrant worker numbers are up, mostly from the Ukrain, China and Serbia.

The great European Empires of the 19th century were built, just as was the United States, on their rich mix of cultures, races and religions. Could it be that if the European Union can survive, build and prosper economically so its component entities could once again have the wealth and social confidence to take advantage of the richness and diversity of its peoples?

Have a good day, James