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Crisis in Europe*.

Watch developments in the European Parliament.
The politicians there, conscious of the ever present malignant threat from Russia, had rushed to a politically motivated “Enlargement” of the EU and turned a blind eye to the pragmatism of economic realiity. Most of the new members were no where near ready to join the club. Most had weak economies, high levels of unemployment, and had histories of tribal, racial and national atrocities. They were unlikely to be able to pay their way or play the european game.
Now Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania are trending to the right, want no truck with immigrants, and are moving to control their media and judiciary.
Yesterday the EU Parliament took the first steps to doscipline Hungary and its leader Mr Orban.
But the tide is turning against Europe. Britain is stumbling towards Brexit in March; Germany is threatening to split along the historic lines of its former pricipalities; Italy is returning to radical right wing politics and Turkey is baulking at being the buffer between Europe and North Africa.
in the meanwhile Orban has encouraged a group of his oligarchs to take over media outlets in neighbouring Slovenia as a platform there to support the right wing populist Jansa gain power.
All the while the elepphant in the room remains Putin and Russia, always looking for ways to split and destabilise the European Project.
Europe matters and it needs the strongest and most sensitive support of its allies.
Have a good day. James.
* to see the full video published this week, go to “jamescookeenterprises crisis in europe youtube”